What is needed to rent a storage space for my luxury, classic car or other vehicles?
  • Provide a car cover on your vehicle at all times. Covers are available at any auto store or can be purchased from us when you bring in your car to be stored.
  • Provide proof of insurance for your stored vehicle and provide a signed letter indicating that you understand that The Garage does not provide primary coverage on your stored vehicle
  • Provide a drain pan to be placed under your vehicle. Pans are available at any auto parts store or can be purchased from us when you bring in your car to be stored.
  • Provide an authorized emergency contact
  • Provide a spare key to your vehicle if you take a tandem space with the Facility
  • Agree to Terms & Conditions as part of the reservation
What sorts of vehicles can be stored at your facility?

The majority of the cars stored at our facility are antique cars, classic cars, exotic cars, and other collectible investment vehicles, as well as motorcycles.

If it can fit in a standard parking space, we can park it. We provide enclosed storage for a variety of different kinds of vehicles.

How do I arrange a time to tour The Garage?

Contact us at (813) 600-5334 or email us at thegarage@717parking.com for a guided tour of our car storage facility in Downtown, Tampa. Tours are available during our regular business hours.

Why should I store my vehicles at The Garage?

The Garage is owned by car collectors and car enthusiasts. We specialize in the care and storage of antique, classic, exotic, and investor automobiles and can give your car the best secure, climate controlled car storage available in Florida.

Our passionate staff will store your car in our specially-designed facility with the care that only fellow car enthusiasts can provide.

The Garage has state-of-the-art security, easy access to stored vehicles, and a client-focused staff of fellow car enthusiasts.

Call us at (813) 600-5334 or email us at thegarage@717parking.com to arrange a tour of our facility or to rent a storage space for your classic car, exotic car, motorcycle or other vehicle.

Can I store my vehicle at The Garage for periods less than a year?

Car storage rates are based upon a 1-year commitment; however, storage members may cancel the commitment with 60 written days’ notice and pursuant with the terms and conditions.

If the storage facility is at capacity or full, can I get on waitlist?

Yes, for a minimal one-time fee, The Garage allows future members to be placed on a waitlist to be first in line for a future reservation.